20 Rarest Baby Boy Names That Will Take Over The Next 5 Years

These names have power because we don't hear or see them every day.

Why give a baby boy a name that tons of other baby boys already have? When baby boys are named in a more unusual way, they get distinct identities from day one.

While some of the names on today's list are definitely unusual and may be a bit too different for a lot of moms-to-be to wrap their heads around, plenty of them are attractive names that really stand out.

It's safe to say that most pregnant ladies know all of the popular baby names for boys for this year already, such as Noah and Lucas, as well as the perennial classics, such as Stephen, Robert, William and David.

Some names are "fad" names. Others are popular year after year. Expectant women who want to give their newborn sons names which are off of the beaten track will enjoy looking at the twenty rarest baby boy names that will take over in the next five years.

From Finn (a great Star Wars: The Force Awakens name for a boy!) to Asahd (this is the name of DJ Khaled's adorable baby boy, who is a mini-me of his father... Asahd Khaled already has his own Instagram) and beyond, these names have power because we don't hear or see them every day.

20 Abel

Via YouTube

Do you enjoy listening to music from The Weeknd, whose real first name is Abel? He recently split with Selena Gomez, who is now back in the arms of Justin Bieber...for better or worse! If you like The Weeknd, calling your newborn baby boy Abel may be the right decision. It's a nice, short name which will sound great with a longer last name.

This name is straight out of the Bible. It was the name of Adam and Eve's son. It's also found in books by two English novelists from the old days (Charles Dickens and Anthony Trollope).

This name means ready, capable, competent and willing. While it's not so popular these days, The Weeknd may make it more popular in the future. The Weeknd's real, full name is Abel Tesfaye.

19 Finn

Via Pinterest

I really like the character, Finn, from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I loved Daisy Ridley's character, Rey, too! If you love the new generation of Star Wars, calling your little one, Finn, will be a great way to honor the Star Wars legacy.

This name is easy to say, spell and remember. It's very short, so it's ideal if your baby's last name will have two or three syllables, or even more syllables.

This boy's name has Irish origins. It means, "fair". In Celtic mythology, there was a famous Irish hero who lived in the 3rd century, and his name was Finn Mac Cumhail. He was a lot like Robin Hood.

Naming your baby boy after a Star Wars hero and an Irish hero from myth and legend will be so much fun and it may set the stage for your own infant son to grow up and do some heroic deeds of his own!

18 Reed

Via BabyCenter

If you're into alternative music, you may be a fan of the late Lou Reed, was was a part of the proto-punk band, Velvet Underground. A lot of alt-rock musical groups of today, including The Kills, consider Lou Reed to be a key influence!

Reed is a cool name, whether you like Lou Reed or not! It's simple to say and it has a nice, masculine vibe. It's also the last name of Twilight actress, Nikki Reed, who played Rosalie in the sparkly vampire saga. Nikki Reed is married to Iam Somerhalder.

The name, Reed, means "red". If your baby boy is a ginger, this name will suit him to perfection. In the old days, gingers were often nicknamed, "Red" and this still happens sometimes today.

17 Kendrick


Kendrick Lamar is super-cool. He's a great performer, live and in music videos. He's a hip-hop poet with tons of confidence and charisma. If you love Kendrick's music, you may want to call your newborn son, Kendrick. It's not the most popular name right now, which is what's so interesting about it.

Kendrick Lamar becomes more famous every day, so I expect to see a lot more boys named Kendrick over the next five years. It takes time for a relatively unusual name to start popping up.

This name is also the last name of Anna Kendrick, who is a great comedienne. She describes herself as an "emotional eater" on her Instagram profile, which is pretty funny.

The name, Kendrick, has Welsh origins and it means, "greatest champion".

16 Asahd

Via Radio

My son really likes DJ Khaled. When the mood strikes, we sometimes amuse ourselves at home by checking out the Instagram account of DJ Khaled's son, Asahd (@asahdkhaled).

DJ Khaled worships this kid, which is really sweet. He even credits Asahd as a producer on a host of recordings. Asahd is incredibly cute and he's usually dressed to kill in all of the latest sportswear and hip-hop apparel. He often wears miniature versions of his Dad's loud shirts and expensive suits. It's all pretty cute and hilarious. Asahd is basically a carbon copy of Dad!

If you want an unusual baby name which sounds great and is fairly short, why not name your own adorable baby boy, Asahd?  This name has Arabic origins and it means, "lion".

15 Thatcher

Via Royal Things

Margaret Thatcher was a British PM that a lot of people had issues with. She was conservative and her views and decisions definitely didn't appeal to left-leaning people. However, her time as PM ended in 1990. She passed away in 2013.

These days, the name "Thatcher" isn't as closely associated with Margaret Thatcher, so it may be poised for a resurgence as a popular baby name for boys.

Thatcher is a cute name and it's unusual enough to be truly unique. The name, Thatcher, means "roof fixer" and it has Anglo-Saxon origins. While it's a name that references manual labor, I think it has a preppy vibe.

If you love Brit-inspired baby names, you may want to call your bundle of joy Thatcher. The trend of using last names as first names is a hot one.

14 Dexter

Via Huffington Post

When you hear the name, Dexter, you may think "fictional TV serial killer". Dexter was a popular TV show which starred Michael C. Hall. However, the show ended in 2013. In the future, the name, Dexter, is probably not going to be as closely associated with the TV show. This means that more baby boys may be called Dexter over the next five years.

It's a cute name. It's the name of the lead singer of the Offspring (Dexter Holland) and I think it sounds cool.

Dexter means, "one who dyes". It used to be the Old English name of men who colored items with dye in order to make a living. Dexter is also a Latin word which means, "skilled and right-handed". This name dates back to ancient Greece, so it has a very long heritage.

13 Finch

Via Pinterest

Finch is another "last name as a first name" option for baby boys! A lot of members of the English nobility had/have this first name, so it does have a certain elegance and refinement to it.

Plus, it's different in a good way. A Finch is a bird with a conical bill. The Finch often has striking plumage which is multi-colored. Anyone who is interested in birds may love naming a little guy after a little bird. For example, Formula One driver, Kimi Raikkonen, named his son, Robin. That's another bird name that is fairly rare these days.

Finches are fun to look at and they are symbols of freedom, too, because they can fly! If you like the way that this one-syllable boy's name sounds, be sure to consider it for your baby boy. Since it's so short, it will also make a great middle name.

12  Carden

Via Ralph Lauren

This rare name for baby boys has Old English roots. It's another baby name which references an occupation. It means, "wool carder". People who did wool carding back in the Middle Ages (and beyond) performed a process which involved combing wool to get rid of its impurities.

This name is a lot like Corden, which is the last name of James Corden, who hosts the CBS talk show, The Late Late Show with James Corden. He's famous for doing carpool Karaoke with the stars. If you haven't seen carpool Karaoke, be sure to check it out, it's pretty funny sometimes!

Carden is different enough to stand out, while still having a traditional feel. It's an unusual choice which isn't hard to say or spell. Is it right for your baby? If your baby's last name will be short, it'll probably be a good option.

11 Garrison

Via Pinterest

This boy's name has a military vibe. A garrison is a term which means stationing a body of troops in a specific place. If you like military history and terminology, giving your baby boy this uber-masculine name may be fun! This name has French origins. It's based on the French word, "garnir", which means, "to equip". Garrisons are typically found in ships, castles, forts, cities and towns.

Garrison also rhymes with Harrison and Harrison is a boy's names that a lot of people know well. This means that they'll find Garrison familiar, too, even though it's so much rarer. Garrison is a three-syllable boy's name, so I think it's best if the baby's last name will be shorter. It may have too many syllables to match well with a long last name. However, baby-naming rules are made to be broken.

10 Orwell

Via Pixabay

George Orwell was one heck of an author! Did you ever read, 1984? This guy understood so much about human nature and the world around us. While the writings of the late and great George Orwell are dark, rather than light, he may be someone whose talents you personally appreciate. If you do, you may want to consider naming your baby boy, Orwell.

This name is super-different. I don't know a single baby boy named Orwell. The name has two syllables, so it is versatile enough to go well with short or long last names. It might also make an interesting middle name. The word, Orwell is derived from a combination of two Old English words, which are "arwe" and "waella". Arwe means, river and Waella means, "branch".

If Orwell is too crazy of a baby boy name for you, think about other authors that you love. Do they have names that are more conventional? If they do, one of those names might be an excellent name for your newborn son!

9 Henley

Via Hello

If "everyday" baby names bore you, why not call your infant son, Henley? It's the name of a famous hip-hop artist from the Philippines. Filipino rapper, Henley, also plays keyboards for the Liverpool Five.

The name, Henley, is what's known as a "habitational" name. In England, people were often named based on where they came from. The "ley" part of the name, means, "clearing" or "wood", while the first part "Hen", means, "high". Lots of people from Warwickshire, Suffolk and Oxfordshire, England had the last name, Henley ("high wood").

Lots of people still have the last name, Henley, and some of their ancestors surely hailed from Warwickshire, Suffolk and Oxfordshire.

Since it's a classic British last name, it may work well as a less-classic first name for your infant boy. Even if it doesn't, it's always fun to learn about names and what they mean and where they come from.

8 Eldon

Via Cute Babies Pictures

Eldon is a boy's name that rhymes with the more-popular boy's name, Sheldon. Sheldon always reminds me of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory! Eldon doesn't have the same "science nerd" connotations. I love Sheldon's character, but I'm not sure I'd name a baby boy after him.

The name, Eldon, has a cool, Lord of the Rings-style meaning. It's a baby name with English origins and it means, "from the valley of the elves". Some historians also think that it means, "from the old town". This name was used a surname and it was also utilized as a place name.

Eldon isn't too strange, although it's different. It sounds nice. It's British and many British names are very attractive. Do you think this name is odd, or really cool? Every baby name is right for someone, but is this one right for your newborn son?

7 Shaydon

Via Free Wallpapers Library

Shaydon is a type of ultra-modern baby name which doesn't have a particular meaning. Depending on your point of view, the fact that this name doesn't have a specific meaning may be a plus or a drawback! It's a new name. It's something creative which is of our time period, rather than hearkening back to Ancient Greece or medieval England or whatever.

If you want something fresh for your newborn son which isn't tied to a bunch of history, this name may be right for you! It's a clean slate and you can assign any meaning that you want to it.

Also, because it reminds me of the word, "shade", I think the boy's name, Shaydon, has a little bit of edge to it. It's got a sense of darkness which makes it a bit different. The same type of darkness and edge that I think of when I think of Eminem's "The Real Slim Shady".

Whether edge and darkness are good things are bad things when it comes to baby names is really a personal thing.

6 Zyler

Via Pinterest

Are you fond of boy's name, Tyler, but reluctant to choose it for your newborn, because it's just too popular? If you are, why not choose a Tyler "variation", such as Zyler? Names that start with "Z" are so rare and unusual. They stand out in a major way. If you're not afraid of the "Z", Zyler may be the baby boy name that you've been looking for!

This name may seem a bit "out there". However, it's been around for a very long time. It's an Old English name for men who made tiles and bricks and/or put down tiles and bricks. It's another one of those Old English, "occupational" names. It was used as a last name. So, it's actually an English name that's been around for centuries.

When you call your kid Zyler, it won't be hard for people to say. It'll remind them of Tyler, without being too commonplace. However, Zyler may be too edgy for a lot of parents-to-be. It's definitely rare, but has a chance of becoming popular over the next five years, because it's so similar to the uber-popular baby name, Tyler.

5 Immanuel

Via Pinterest

Do you like the way that the boy's name, Immanuel, sounds? It's a lot like Emmanuel, which is better-known and more popular. If you're into Immanuel, you should know that it's the German version of the name, Emmanuel (Emmanuel has Hebrew origins).

This name is Biblical, so it's ideal for moms-to-be who want their sons to be raised in the Christian faith. When an angel appeared in a dream, to Joseph, Joseph discovered that his fiancee, Mary, was going to have a baby by the Holy Spirit.

The name means, "God with us" and it's all about the miracle of God becoming flesh and then dwelling among human beings.

If you like the spiritual meaning of this name, and don't want to call your son Emmanuel because it's too popular, consider this rarer boy's name!

4 Nevan

Via PureWow

Nevan is a rare boy's name that sounds nice. It has a soft tone to it that's attractive. It also feels modern. If you want a fresh boy's name that isn't typical, Nevan may be right for you. This name is a lot like Evan, which is far more popular. It will remind people of Evan, without being the same, so it won't feel too strange to other people. It's an interesting variation on Evan which you may or may not appreciate!

While this name does feel ultra-modern, it's actually been around for a long time. It's got Irish-Gaelic origins and it means, "saintly". Nevan is spelled Naomhan in Irish Gaelic. Naomhan was a minor saint in the Irish myths.

This name is unique and it's got two syllables, so it'll blend well with longer last names. It's also an ideal choice if you have Irish blood.

3 Demarco

Via Pinterest

Demarco is a cool and rare name for an infant boy. It's the type of name you'd expect a hip-hop artist to have! It has a certain star quality to it that makes it an interesting option.

While it's definitely off of the beaten track, there is a Tennessee Titans football running back who is named Demarco Murray. If you're into football or your baby daddy is, you may find that the name, Demarco, has a lot of potential!

This name has African American origins. It means, "of Mark".

I like the name, Demarco, with a shorter last name. A longer, three-syllable first name and a shorter last name always sound great to me. Balancing a long first name with a short last name is a traditional and trusted way to come up with an awesome baby name.

2 Jax

Via Pinterest

Jax is a simple, bold and modern name. It's cool-sounding, with a bit of attitude! It does have a masculine feel. It's a great variation on the popular boy's name, Jack. Also, it's a great choice with a long last name, or as a middle name, because it has just one syllable.

While this baby boy name is still rare, it's slowly gathering popularity and should become pretty popular over the coming years. The small surge in the popularity of this baby name is likely linked with the TV show, Sons of Anarchy.

If you watched the show, which is about a gang of bikers, you already know that the leading character's name was Jackson "Jax" Teller. Jax was played by a truly hunky actor who is named, Charlie Hunnam!

1 Hopper

Via Pinterest

Do you tune into the TV show, Stranger Things? If so, you're probably familiar with one of the show's characters, Chief Hopper. Stranger Things is an E.T.-inspired sensation and its popularity may make the boy's name, Hopper, very popular over the next several years.

Also, Robin Wright, who's so memorable as Claire Underwood on House of Cards, named her son, Hopper. Hopper's Dad is temperamental-but-talented actor, Sean Penn. Hopper Penn was named after Sean Penn's actor buddy, the legendary Dennis Hopper. Hopper Penn gave an interview and revealed that Sean Penn initially wanted to call him, "Steak", instead of Hopper, because steak is the food that Sean likes best. Maybe Robin intervened!

The name, Hopper, means a professional acrobat or "tumbler". It's also slang for a person who's really revved-up and restless! It's a Middle English name.


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